What are The Strength and Ductility of TMT Bar?

Strength and ductility are the most important characteristics of TMT bar to be considered. They will not only provide the building with enough load-bearing capacity but also a long-lasting life to it.

The strength of the TMT bar is defined as the amount of stress the material can bear up before failing or breaking.

Ductility refers to the level to which the TMT bar can be distorted plastically. It is the capability of the material to be drawn or deformed without breakage.

Knowing both the strength as well as the ductility of TMT bar is vital for the reason that they have an impact on the manufacture and exploit of TMT bar. However, there is a difference between the tensile strength and the yield strength of TMT bar. The biggest one is that tensile strength is catastrophic, while the yield strength is only a permanent warp.

Yield strength is the utmost stress that is applied before the TMT bar starts to change its shape permanently. This is the rough calculation of the stretchy limit of the TMT bar. If stress is applied to the bar but it does not attain the yield point, it will resume its original form after the removal of stress. When the stresses go beyond the yield point, the TMT bar will not be capable of bouncing back. Yield strength of the TMT bar represents the greater limit of the load that can be applied safely to it, which makes it a vital number to know while designing components.

The ductility of the TMT bar mainly counts on the elongation. It is actually the percentage of elongation from the original length of the metal to the point of collapse. Ductility is the ability of the TMT bar to be elongated without becoming weaker or more brittle during the process. Moreover, ductility in TMT bar is closely associated with work hardening. The more ductile the TMT bar is, the more formable the produce is. Elongation is a superior measurement to consider while deciding whether you are choosing the correct product for your project.

Even though the strength of TMT bar is an extremely important factor to consider, you are not supposed to make your own decision based solely on it. You are also supposed to take the yield point as well as the ductility of TMT bar into account if you would like to buy the highest quality and durable bar. It is also wise to know the difference between tensile strength and the yield points, as well as the elongation percentage of TMT bar.

Essential Tips to Prepare a Project Brief before Building a House

Have decided to construct a house? Make a Project Brief stating the style and type of your house. How to formulate this? Here are some useful tips for you…

Include Every Person
For formulating a Project Brief, call every family member together. You should include everyone having interest in the construction – wives, husbands and even the children. Prepare your wish list.

Acquire Ideas
For preparing the wish list, you must have some ideas. You should visit a few finished houses or consult architecture books, catalogues, and professional magazines and search the internet to acquire ideas.

Decide on House Type
To prepare the wish list, it is important to know the kind of house to be built as every type has its special requirements.

  • House built for self use should have comfort, privacy and luxury.
  • House built for renting and self use should have comfort and luxury for self use and proper finishing and cost-effective materials for rented portion.
  • House built for renting must have finishing and cost-effective materials and should be suitable for revenue generation.

Not sure about the house type? Design the house in a manner that it can be expanded in future.

How Many Rooms to be Built
Plan room size and how many rooms you want to built. You should also think of the size of overall structure, its features and key functions and inter-relation of spaces.

Decide on the Style of the House
Do you know style of a house determines its cost? Design and style of a house will also determine ventilation and how much natural light can enter the house. Here are a number of popular house styles –

Roman Style
A house with open terraces, big pillars, arches and pantheon roof depicts this style.

Traditional Design
Traditional style houses have dormers, gables and columns like Colonial style homes. They are mostly of two-storey with symmetrical spacing windows and very little ornamentation. Plans of the interior of these traditional houses consist of a central entrance with rooms on both sides.

Contemporary Design
Contemporary style homes are clean, simple, bright and have uncluttered look. Common characteristics of such homes are gabled or flat roofs, open floor plans, large windows without any decorative trim and asymmetrical shapes. These houses are made of wood, bricks, stones or stuccos.

Realistic Budget
After preparing the wish list, how much it is actually possible to give a house its real shape. Assess the budget and keep in mind that there will be unforeseen costs and constraints.

Thus, these are a few things to remember while preparing a Project Brief.

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Three Valid Reasons You Need To Know For a Building Collapse

Whenever a building collapses, whether it is old, during or after construction, under repair, or during natural vulnerabilities, such as cyclone or earthquake, it will send waves of shakes in the minds of the public. People start wondering, can such a disaster happen with them and their family. Of course, there is no basis to be scared, as the rate of collapse of new buildings to the existing ones is negligible. However, you cannot remain neglectful, as it proves lethal and upsetting for you as well as for your whole family. Thus, this is the correct time to know and identify the reasons for the building collapse and to take preventive and corrective measures if it is applicable to you.

1. Flaws in drawings and design
The effective and strong structural, as well as architectural design, is extremely vital for the excellent performance as well as for the low maintenance of the buildings. It is often observed that the building collapses because of the mistake in design. The inappropriate design decision will make the quality of construction worse and show the way to defects during the life of the building. Infringing code requirements in name of cheap or economical design disregarding its lasting effects is a faulty design and not a cost-effective design. It will certainly attract problems.

2. Use of low-quality building materials
Low-quality building materials are those that do not meet the specifications, that is, they will be a lack in physical properties, such as density, weight, etc., and size, lack of chemical properties, or inferior specifications. The use of these materials will definitely decrease the load-bearing capacity of the building. This means that the building will not have the required strength to bear the load. Therefore, one of the major reasons for the building collapse is because of the use of inferior building materials, rather than using high quality SRMB building materials.

3. Insufficient supervision and defective execution
Some of the major reasons that can lead to the low quality of building work include:

  • The implementation mistakes by the engineer and onsite service provider
  • Incorrect decisions
  • Management lapses of the construction chief
  • The foolishness of employees
  • The lack of facts of standard building materials, such as SRMB materials
  • Poor construction processes

These deficiencies will certainly decrease the load-bearing ability of the building in terms of vigor. It will reduce the toughness as well as the life of the building. This, in turn, will cause the building collapse partially or fully after construction, owing to lack of homogeneity and integrity.

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The Importance of Encumbrance Certificate and It Is Necessity to Get A Deal over the Line

The task of buying your dream house will be probably the single hardest thing you will do in your life. The documents both legal and formal are massive and can give any novice a severe headache. The need to get a lawyer is probably the best decision you will make if you plan on buying a property.

In most of the online websites which are directed to people planning on procuring a property talks about how clearance certificate, builders certificate, change of ownership certificate but very few speak Encumbrance certificate.

The certificate we are going to talk about in this blog is one of the essential papers you will need while closing a deal. The document called encumbrance certificate states whether the property in question has any financial or legal liabilities on it. In many cases, we found that the seller already took a loan using the property as a tangible asset. Such transactions get mentioned on the mentioned certificate. The document is quite essential if you plan on buying a house after getting a home loan. The report contains all the necessary pieces of information involving any transactions on the property and helps the bank to point out any liabilities of the property. Generally, banks ask for Encumbrance certificate dated back to ten to fifteen years. We radically advise all our readers to get the Encumbrance certificate from your seller while applying for the home loan to fasten the process.

Limitation of the document: However, there are some limitations to the certificate; the document in question keeps a record of all formally registered transactions and does not keep track of purchases not registered, thus creating a loophole. For example, when a property gets passed from one person to another through will or inheritance, the transactions do not get mentioned on the certificate.

How to acquire? People who have acquired property through inheritance can quickly get their hands on an Encumbrance certificate by applying for the document once they register their property legally. The sub-registrar office is the place where a homeowner goes to register his property lawfully and get a certificate quickly. There are few states in India, where one can apply for the document online and get a digital certificate within a few days delivered to their home. After applying for the document, people from authorized bodies inspect the property documents of the last fifteen years, and once they don’t find any faults or liabilities, they issue the certificate to the concerned within thirty days.

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Home Owners and Their Requirements as Parents

Having a child completely changes your requirements for buying a home. More than 50% of parent admit that having a kid has influenced their decision of buying houses. Buyers who have a child are generally supposed to go above budget than stick to it. A list of budgetary constraints appears in this case for people who are expecting to start a family as well as buy a house. Majority buyers appear to stay within their budget only as a result of making compromises. Parents with a full-time career make it even more tricky for themselves to raise children.

Reconsidering the budget, mortgages and other such requirements
Statistics say that people are likely to go over 25.7% of their budget in case they have a child. There are special requirements for location and amenities as well. Parents who generally do not consider going over the budget usually compromise and increase their commute. Some also purchase an unfinished home and some do with a smaller one. Not to mention, that the pressure of down payment for parents is extreme.

In case of a mortgage, people who tend to start a family any time soon are to get more benefits than the ones who do not have such plans recently. A certain denial versus only 11.5% non-parents is experienced by one-third of buyers who have children and have qualified for a mortgage.

Modifications in kitchen sink
Most families who have a minor child are likely to buy single-family detached houses which have a far more market value than townhomes and condos. Apart from that the amenities and neighborhood lists go long.

Many people typically store household cleaners under the kitchen sink and this is easily accessible to your child. Even if you install safety locks on the cabinet doors, it’s not a guarantee that your persistent child won’t find a way to get inside. If they get into your cupboards filled with pots and pans, your only worry is a couple of bruises and loud clatter from the falling pans and your crying child. If they get into your cupboard of cleaners containing harmful chemicals that can get into their mouths and eyes, you will be dealing with something completely worse. Store cleaners either in a cabinet up high or in the garage.

Location benefits
Parents are more likely to have a lot of requirements with locations and neighbourhood. It is more important to them than to non-parents. The commute, child focused needs and other such factors are very important to them.

Massive research
For getting a home with perfect amenities suited to children’s requirements parents have to do a lot of research work. Survey shows that parents are likely not to opt for the first offer they get.

Renters who are parents have it more difficult for them. Their search for home is even more rigorous.

The ambience of the house must also be suited to the needs of the children.

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The Advancement in Technology Reshaped the Real Estate Industry for Good

The advancement in technology completely changed the real estate industry from top to bottom. Now, in this blog, we will talk about whether that change bears the fruit of benefit more or not. Technology uprooted the traditional method of looking for a house like newspaper advertisements or listings; instead, it got replaced with applications and websites.

The take-over of technology over traditional methods: Now, the benefits of these applications are massive as it significantly improved the process of getting a home, but in the process, many people lost their livelihood when people stopped turning to the newspaper for advertisements. Now, if a person staying in Kolkata looks for renting a home in Bangalore can easily use the app to check the availability of the plots. The introduction of this application massively simplified the job of renting or purchasing the house. Previously we had to rely on real estate agents while searching our home; now we don’t require them in every step of the deal. The compare option available on the websites of this application helps to compare the mortgage or rent assisting the person in to take a well informed financial decision.

The new 3 dimensional technology: The compare option also helps the renter to compare each property from every aspect and get the best deal within a particular price range. Some of the major websites and application often use the 3-dimensional real-time view feature, which helps the renter to check the entire plot virtually on their computer screen. The 3-dimensional feature generally not available on most websites, but gradually every website is using this technology as it is proving to be a great deal maker.

The application also provides the renter with essential details such as availability of ATMs, parks or the nearest bus stop or metro stop, etc. The most significant advantage of using these websites is when the renter pays, and due to some reason the deal does not go over the line, the person can quickly get his advance back without any hassle. Several websites offer real estate agents to potential clients for a basic service charge. Now, not every agent are efficient, the review and rating options provided for each agent massively help the potential client to select an agent who can get the deal over the line. The process helps to save a lot of time to close a deal and also helps to save a lot of money as the chance of any surprise fee completely gets eliminated.

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Top Green Building Materials to Have Eco-Friendly Construction

Living in a solid wilderness is what all want, however, is it possible in this modern era? The production of the concrete adds tons of greenhouse gas, which can affect natural atmosphere of the Earth. To save the Earth, here are some elective green structure materials, which you can use in your eco-friendly construction surely.


Though it is difficult to grow Bamboo in home or garden, it gives more oxygen than carbon dioxide, which makes it a super eco-accommodating and savvy development material. It looks extraordinary. You can design your wide drawing room area with this amazing natural item surely.

Engineered Wood:

At the time of producing wooden sheets from crude timber, a good amount of wood gets wasted. If you do not want to waste the material, then here is the good news for you. This waste material can be utilized to make designed wood (which contains layers of wood and fillers like wood scraps and strands), which can thus be utilized to make dividers, entryways, and so on. Therefore, from now, use the waste wisely.

Earthen Materials:

Since years, earthen materials like adobe blocks and slammed earth are trending in decoration. Adobe blocks are made of soil, chiefly of mud and straw. Smashed earth is a kind of synthetic shake that is shaped by compacting a blend of soil, rock, sand, mud and sediment, which can be used to decorate your place as well.

Straw Bale:

This green structure material is made of baled straw from rice, oats, wheat, grain, rye. It has extraordinary protecting properties and its materials make the divider totally soundproof. Therefore, it is the best option to have a noise free ambience in your home or office.

Natural Stone:

Normal Stone alludes to various items, which are removed from the earth like rock, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone and so on. These can be utilized as structure materials and for decorative purposes in your construction project.

Grass Crete:

Grass Crete is trending a lot in these days. May be you’ve seen this in numerous places. Grass Crete is a strategy for laying some solid ground surface (for the most part walkways, patio greenhouses and garages) in such a way, that there are some open spaces in the examples, enabling grass or other greenery to develop. In addition to the fact that this limits the utilization of solid, it looks incredible and helps in improved tempest water ingestion.

By utilizing even, a drop of these financially savvy and vitality effective materials in certain zones rather than solid items, you’ll be able to bring down the ecological effect in your concrete space.

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Which Points Should You Check Before Housewarming?

Buying the home of your dreams means a lot of investment, and you deserve the satisfaction at the end of such an expense. It can be quite stressful for you to move into your new home, and you will not like to encounter problems such as faulty wires or leaks in your new house after moving in. These are a few important points that you need to check prior to throwing a housewarming party.

Have all the papers in place

You have to verify all the essential legal documents and ensure that they are in one place, so that you can be assured of your rightful claim to your home. The papers need to be signed as well as stamped properly, wherever needed. Letter of allotment, Commencement Certificate, Power of Attorney, Development Agreement, Blue Print, Possession Letter, Receipts of payments to builder, Builder’s Advocate Search Report and No Objection Certificate (NOC) have to be there.

Check the walls properly

Closely examine every wall before you take possession. You have to report about any chipping, peeling paint, leaks, damp patches, cracks etc as fast as possible.

Repair before moving in

If you wish to live in the home, have all issues – such as bathroom fittings, faucets, taps, defective wiring, piping – fixed and workable. Make sure that its electrical wiring is alright, and have the fittings, MCB, inverter, meter, main fuse etc in perfect order. Ensure that all the windows and doors are smoothly functioning, and have the locks shut securely. Check whether the gas tubes and associated devices have the ISI mark.

Get digitally connected

If there are digital features in your new home, such as smart temperature control, security cameras, lighting control etc, ensure they are properly functioning.

Ensure adherence to specifications

Make sure that all the amenities promised, such as jogging track, gymnasium, swimming pool etc are in accordance with specifications. Also check the tiling and flooring and other common areas.

Use the lift

Ensure that the lift is operational and adheres to all the standards.

Make sure of decent paint job

The rooms need to have double coat paint without any patches apparent.

Examine the drainage

The drains in utility rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balconies etc should be clear, without any clogging.

Ensure efficient cleaning

Make sure that the cooling is effective, and the water outlet is proper – with no risks of wall seepage and paint damage.

Be assured on the safety front

Note the smoke detectors, fire alarm system, refuge area etc, and ensure they are okay.

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A Proper Planning and Strategy Can Help an Investor to Make a Fortune in Real Estate Investment

Like every investment, property investment is rewarding as well as risky at the same time. The risk factor is involved in every type of investment, but the chances of incurring a massive loss in property investment are comparatively less if done correctly.

A well-informed have made a fortune by investing in the property and often doubled their initial investment. But, it does not make anyone eligible to make a massive profit by spending on properties. As the initial investment in case of purchasing property is generally quite significant, the risk factors should be assessed beforehand. A specific set of information needs to be kept in mind while investing in such tangible substances; this information may help the person to make a fortune out of his investment.

The first thing an investor should do in case of property investment is to think logically instead of emotionally. Do not go around buying lands near your birthplace which has little or no potential and claim it to be an investment. That is the single worst decision one can make from the business point of view. The second thing one should do is lower the price of the property as much as possible. The less the investment more profit it will fetch in the future if it has got any potential.

The third thing one should do before making any purchase does thorough research. The research should be the cornerstone of your investment and don’t even spend a single penny on any property without doing research. While researching a specific area, check the economic viability of the region; check for any development driver in the region which can sky-rocket the value of the part.

As we have already said earlier, one can only make a profit if he makes an investment decision after considering economic factors instead of emotional factors. The other factors which may help an investor in property investment are:

  1. Property Cycle: Do not buy a property during its booming period instead go for property which is yet to reach its potential. The method will fetch the investor more profit.
  2. Capital Growth: The best strategies when it comes to property investment are, buying and hold strategy. An investor should buy a place in its lowest point in the cycle and wait for the property to reach its booming period and then sell the site.
  3. Knowing the market value: Try to buy an area well below its market value, this will help the investor to make a small amount of profit in the initial stage, and it will also assist the person to buy more than one property as a large amount of capital will not get invested in one piece.

These are few of the small details one should keep in mind while investing in property. Though this type of investment can fetch good profit; in some cases, the losses faced by the investor were massive due to the lack of research and planning.

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The list of 10 Humongous Pieces Of Machinery Operating On The Face Of The Earth

There are many engineering marvels which people stuck in awe when they see it for the first time. In this blog, we will include all the construction equipment which are so humongous that people need to see it with their own eyes to believe.

  1. Bagger 293 Bucket Wheel Excavator: It often gets regarded as the world’s largest excavator. Apart from this record, it also holds the record for the most significant land vehicle made by the human. The cars stand at a height of 310 feet and 721 in length. The German-built vehicle can excavate around 100,000 cubic yards of soil per day.
  2. TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine): The machine commonly known as Big Bertha is the most massive tunnel boring machine currently operating on the face of the earth. The machine was initially built to dig a tunnel in Seattle, Washington for the roadway.
  3. NASA Crawler- Transporter: This is one of the oldest pieces of machinery in today’s blog. This fifty-year-old piece of equipment previously used to launch a space shuttle. NASA is planning to use this equipment in their mission to colonize Mars after making some modifications to the current piece.
  4. Bucyrus 2570W Walking Dragline: This 10.4 million pound weighing piece of equipment can dig to a depth of 140 feet. The length of this machine is around 310 feet, and speed is not its best feature as it tops at 0.15 mph.
  5. P&H 4100XPC Electric Rope Shovel: This massive 109-ton piece of equipment can clear up to 82 cubic yards. The machine finds its wide application in removing large amounts of overburden.
  6. CAT 6090 Hydraulic Shovel: The device gets powered from an engine which comes at whopping 4500 horsepower. The operating of this Hydraulic shovel is around 1080-tons.
  7. Belaz 75710: It recently got crowned as the world’s most massive dump truck beating CAT 797F. The truck is powered by two sixty five liter capacity engine and stands at the height of 26 feet.
  8. Liebherr 9800 Mining Excavator: This particular mining excavator comes from the house of Liebherr who has quite a reputation in making impressive cranes. The machine gets typically used in the mining industry. It weighs around 1,785,700 pounds with a bucket capacity of 62 cubic yards.
  9. P&H L-2350 Loader: This piece of machinery holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest soil-moving equipment on the face of the earth. The loader comes with a 2300 horsepower which can lift dirt 72 tons per day.
  10. Komatsu D575A Dozer: It holds the record of the most massive bulldozer since 1991 and finds its application in the mining industry of the USA, Australia and a few other countries.

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