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The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

RCC Column transfers the maximum loads to the soil base directly from beams and slabs.

An entire building is complete stands on the columns of the building. To make a strong and good construction you must need to make the column properly, otherwise, it may raise construction failure. To know the steps of proper RCC column construction read the article.

This process has mainly four stages –

  • 1. Layout work of column
  • 2. Reinforcement of column
  • 3. Column framework
  • 4. Concrete pouring

Step – 1
This is the very first step to construct the column. Practically the column location is decided in the field. As per the grinds of the drawing the column location is marked by lying rope.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Step -2
After deciding the location, column reinforcement starts as per the structural drawing. In this step, the constructor checks the numbers and diameter of the bars. These bars are placed vertically and also check the distances between the bars and the stirrups. They also bend the hook properly.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Step -3
This step is called the formwork of the column. The height of the construction floor kept 10 feet. But the concrete poured up to the bottom level of the beam if the slab is included in the beam. In construction drawing, if the beam height mentioned about 1″-6″ then column height and formwork must be 8′-6″.But the concrete dropping is not allowed more than 5 feet. This may cause segregation. So the formwork should be done within 5 feet. The casting will be done first then the rest part will be stated.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Step -4
After completing the formwork, the fourth step will be started. In this step, the concrete will be poured into the column. This is done in two methods, one is manually and the other is using a machine or pump.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Watch: Construction of RCC Design from start to end in step by step manner.

Important points you should follow during the concrete and after the concrete –

  • When you need less amount of concrete then do this by using a machine, but for the large amount go for ready-mix concrete.
  • You should take the approval from your client for placing the machine or pump.
  • For compaction of the column, the vibration must be used but excess use of it can cause segregation.
  • Do not pour concrete from the height of more than 1.5 meters.
  • Try to avoid joints in the column.
  • Keep in mind that the temperature of concrete should be below 30 degrees during the poring.
  • After pouring and vibrating the concrete, don’t forget to check horizontally and vertically.

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9 Interior Decorations of Your Home

In the city lifestyle, you may miss the touch of nature. The fresh air and the greenery are always important in your life for a healthy lifestyle. It helps you to calm your mind and give refreshment. If you like to feel nearer to nature, there are some interior tricks for you. Using these tricks you can make a peaceful ambiance in your home. Follow these tricks –

1. Bring some plants all over your home
The first things which make you feel nature is plants and blossoms. So bring home some potted plants and put these all over your home. Now you get more beautiful pots for home. It also gives you home a nice look.

2. Put your favorite tree inside
Yes! You can bring your favourite trees to your home. Put them close to your window. It will give you fresh air and also make you feel the presence of nature.

3. Décor your home with natural things
You can also use natural things like stone, pebbles, wood for interior decoration. It gives your home an interesting look.

4. Natural floors
You can use bamboo, wood, cork to make natural floors. It gives your home a real natural look. Otherwise, you can use natural-looking tiles. Now you can find many variations and styles. It also helps you to give your home a natural and sophisticated look.

5. Natural lights
You can’t get the natural lights all the time. For a special event, you can décor with the help of some common lights in your plants and trees. And also try to make the windows large. This is important for more light and also for the fresh air.

6. Add some tropical twist to the decor
You can add some tropical beauty like orange, lemon, strawberries with your other plants. It will give a nice and more natural look. All climates are not great for all tropical. These need extra care and attention also.

7. Include the textured headboard
To add some natural texture and the brightness to your home decoration you can use the whitewashed headboard. You can use this as a focal point.

8. Art prints
You can use nature photographs or any natural art prints for wall decoration. These will give you calm and relax the mind.

9. Printed shower curtain for your washroom
You can use a well-printed curtain in your washroom. The nature print or jungle print curtain gives an interesting and fun look to your washroom.

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Top 4 Amazing Facts About the Significance of Structural Steel

From Burj Khalifa to the Empire State Building or the famous Brooklyn Bridge all are marvellous architecture. The world has more like these steel structures that we cannot include here. The look and history of these structures need no introduction to imply the significance, however, have you ever thought what makes the structures robust? Here is the answer, Structural Steel. This is the key material, which is helping the structures to stand for long long years. Here, in this blog post, we are going to talk about some wonderful yet important facts about this prime material of construction—

Fact-1: it can fight against all types of natural disasters

As it has high seismic-resistance, corrosion prevention and power to make a robust bond with other material, it is the best option to start the construction with. For these mentioned qualities, this steel can fight against any natural disasters and keep the construction in good condition for years.

Fact-2: it is fire-resistant

Apart from keeping the structures safe from natural disasters, it has the supreme power to keep it safe from fire attack, as it is made with fire-resistance power.

Fact-3: it does not grow mold

As steel is made with corrosion-resistant power, it will not be affected by mold, hence, building anything near a waterbody or in waterbody will not be affected. The material will protect it for years without growing mold. This is why structural steel is used in making ships as well.

Fact-4: it can take any shape

Have you ever imagined why making toy or house with soil is so easy? The answer is, you can shape the soil easily; the case is the same with this steel. You can shape it as you want. It has super bendability that will allow you to create anything according to your wish.
Hope you enjoy the reading about structural steel. It is a key material to build any structure and the supreme powers of this material make it an indispensable item for construction as well. SRMB steel is a renowned steel manufacturer of India that can be the best, trusted steel supplier to make your construction robust. To know more about the brand, don’t forget to click on the web address.

Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting: Most Popular technique for Apartments

Water is considered to be one of the significant natural resources on which the entire world depends upon. But currently, various parts of the world are encountering accelerating dearth of water resources. In this scenario, decent management of water has become mandatory and it can be assured by employment of offbeat water sources. These days, Rainwater harvesting has become steadily empirical as offbeat water source which has been employed in various places of the world.

What is rainwater harvesting???

Now the question is what rainwater is harvesting. Rainwater harvesting, is the method where the rainwater is accumulated from the surface which precisely receives rain and preempted towards the storage tank and this reserved water can be employed when needed. Rainwater harvesting is becoming an progressively significant water conservation procedure for the apartments and can lead to compelling savings.

Rainwater harvesting: A competent procedure of conserving water at the apartment

Now, individuals need to have a concept which is the considerable process for harvesting rainwater at the apartments. Rooftop rainwater harvesting is the compelling and competent procedure of harvesting rainwater for the apartments. At its easiest, harvesting rainwater from apartment roof-tops is a convenient and eco-amiable process. Roof-top rainwater harvesting includes preempting and reserving the rainwater that gets received on the roof of apartment.
A route is needed to direct rainwater gathered from rooftops to storage tanks. One or more down-pipes are linked to gutters to carry rainwater from terrace. The gutter’s size need to be in accordance to the flow at the time of the maximum force of rain. Rooftop rainwater harvesting is in demand as it is quite convenient to gather rainwater receiving on rooftop. In rooftop harvesting, the terrace becomes the catchments, and the rainwater is gathered from the terrace of the apartments. It can either be reserved in a tank or preempted to artificial recharge system by means of gutter. Rainwater storage tanks gather all refined rainwater which can be employed for the purpose of car cleaning, gardening, washing walkways and sideways of apartment etc.
Rooftop rainwater harvesting is considered to be the compelling process of harvesting rainwater for apartments. Various advantages are associated with rooftop rainwater harvesting. It conspicuously advocates both energy and water management. This technique alleviates the flooding on roads at the apartment. It is reasonable, convenient to materialize and demand minimum maintenance. Necessarily rooftop rainwater harvesting abates the usage of edible water for various purposes. This system can minimize water consumption by as much as thirty percentages. It significantly advocates water conservation and saves money on water bills.

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Easy Ways to Buy the Right Amount of Paint for Painting Your Building

Do you have plans to paint your entire building but not certain how much paint do you need? If so, this blog is for you, as it tells you the way to figure out the exact quantity of paint. However, you should remember that the quantity of paint that you need would mainly count on the space as well as its size you are going to paint. This means that the walls, ceilings, windows, doors, trim, etc., will need a different quantity of paint. Therefore, first, you need to decide the rooms to be painted and to estimate their size prior to going to the paint store. This is for the reason that when you run out of a custom paint color halfway through the work, it could mean failure.

If you are going to paint a room, it is essential to consider its walls, ceiling, doors, and windows. You should first measure the perimeter of the room and multiply it by 2 and the ceiling height to get the area to be painted. Then, measure the area of the doors and windows and subtract the result from the area of walls.

Usually, with a gallon of paint, you will be capable of painting an area of 400 square feet for a single coat. Therefore, buy the paint according to the area you measured. Here, you should remember that paint coverage would be affected by the texture and porosity of the surface. Additionally, bright colors may need a minimum of two coats.

For painting the ceilings, the same calculation of paint, that is, one gallon is required for 400 square feet, holds good. Measure the area of the ceiling in a room and buy the paint accordingly. Usually, ceilings will need around two quarts of paint. An even finish is suggested to avoid surface flaws.

While painting windows, doors, and trim, the windowpane part that need not be painted, should allow for sufficient paint for any trim around windows and doors. Find out the baseboard trim by taking the outer limits of the room, minus 3 feet for each door and multiply this by the average trim breadth of your baseboard. Now, add the area for windows, doors, and baseboard trim. You can then buy the paint according to the required area to be painted.

Whatever area in your building that you are going to paint, it is better to ventilate it. Keep the outside door or windows in the room you are painting open in order to avoid breathing harmful fumes.

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The Importance of Encumbrance Certificate and It Is Necessity to Get A Deal over the Line

The task of buying your dream house will be probably the single hardest thing you will do in your life. The documents both legal and formal are massive and can give any novice a severe headache. The need to get a lawyer is probably the best decision you will make if you plan on buying a property.

In most of the online websites which are directed to people planning on procuring a property talks about how clearance certificate, builders certificate, change of ownership certificate but very few speak Encumbrance certificate.

The certificate we are going to talk about in this blog is one of the essential papers you will need while closing a deal. The document called encumbrance certificate states whether the property in question has any financial or legal liabilities on it. In many cases, we found that the seller already took a loan using the property as a tangible asset. Such transactions get mentioned on the mentioned certificate. The document is quite essential if you plan on buying a house after getting a home loan. The report contains all the necessary pieces of information involving any transactions on the property and helps the bank to point out any liabilities of the property. Generally, banks ask for Encumbrance certificate dated back to ten to fifteen years. We radically advise all our readers to get the Encumbrance certificate from your seller while applying for the home loan to fasten the process.

Limitation of the document: However, there are some limitations to the certificate; the document in question keeps a record of all formally registered transactions and does not keep track of purchases not registered, thus creating a loophole. For example, when a property gets passed from one person to another through will or inheritance, the transactions do not get mentioned on the certificate.

How to acquire? People who have acquired property through inheritance can quickly get their hands on an Encumbrance certificate by applying for the document once they register their property legally. The sub-registrar office is the place where a homeowner goes to register his property lawfully and get a certificate quickly. There are few states in India, where one can apply for the document online and get a digital certificate within a few days delivered to their home. After applying for the document, people from authorized bodies inspect the property documents of the last fifteen years, and once they don’t find any faults or liabilities, they issue the certificate to the concerned within thirty days.

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Home Owners and Their Requirements as Parents

Having a child completely changes your requirements for buying a home. More than 50% of parent admit that having a kid has influenced their decision of buying houses. Buyers who have a child are generally supposed to go above budget than stick to it. A list of budgetary constraints appears in this case for people who are expecting to start a family as well as buy a house. Majority buyers appear to stay within their budget only as a result of making compromises. Parents with a full-time career make it even more tricky for themselves to raise children.

Reconsidering the budget, mortgages and other such requirements
Statistics say that people are likely to go over 25.7% of their budget in case they have a child. There are special requirements for location and amenities as well. Parents who generally do not consider going over the budget usually compromise and increase their commute. Some also purchase an unfinished home and some do with a smaller one. Not to mention, that the pressure of down payment for parents is extreme.

In case of a mortgage, people who tend to start a family any time soon are to get more benefits than the ones who do not have such plans recently. A certain denial versus only 11.5% non-parents is experienced by one-third of buyers who have children and have qualified for a mortgage.

Modifications in kitchen sink
Most families who have a minor child are likely to buy single-family detached houses which have a far more market value than townhomes and condos. Apart from that the amenities and neighborhood lists go long.

Many people typically store household cleaners under the kitchen sink and this is easily accessible to your child. Even if you install safety locks on the cabinet doors, it’s not a guarantee that your persistent child won’t find a way to get inside. If they get into your cupboards filled with pots and pans, your only worry is a couple of bruises and loud clatter from the falling pans and your crying child. If they get into your cupboard of cleaners containing harmful chemicals that can get into their mouths and eyes, you will be dealing with something completely worse. Store cleaners either in a cabinet up high or in the garage.

Location benefits
Parents are more likely to have a lot of requirements with locations and neighbourhood. It is more important to them than to non-parents. The commute, child focused needs and other such factors are very important to them.

Massive research
For getting a home with perfect amenities suited to children’s requirements parents have to do a lot of research work. Survey shows that parents are likely not to opt for the first offer they get.

Renters who are parents have it more difficult for them. Their search for home is even more rigorous.

The ambience of the house must also be suited to the needs of the children.

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Top Green Building Materials to Have Eco-Friendly Construction

Living in a solid wilderness is what all want, however, is it possible in this modern era? The production of the concrete adds tons of greenhouse gas, which can affect natural atmosphere of the Earth. To save the Earth, here are some elective green structure materials, which you can use in your eco-friendly construction surely.


Though it is difficult to grow Bamboo in home or garden, it gives more oxygen than carbon dioxide, which makes it a super eco-accommodating and savvy development material. It looks extraordinary. You can design your wide drawing room area with this amazing natural item surely.

Engineered Wood:

At the time of producing wooden sheets from crude timber, a good amount of wood gets wasted. If you do not want to waste the material, then here is the good news for you. This waste material can be utilized to make designed wood (which contains layers of wood and fillers like wood scraps and strands), which can thus be utilized to make dividers, entryways, and so on. Therefore, from now, use the waste wisely.

Earthen Materials:

Since years, earthen materials like adobe blocks and slammed earth are trending in decoration. Adobe blocks are made of soil, chiefly of mud and straw. Smashed earth is a kind of synthetic shake that is shaped by compacting a blend of soil, rock, sand, mud and sediment, which can be used to decorate your place as well.

Straw Bale:

This green structure material is made of baled straw from rice, oats, wheat, grain, rye. It has extraordinary protecting properties and its materials make the divider totally soundproof. Therefore, it is the best option to have a noise free ambience in your home or office.

Natural Stone:

Normal Stone alludes to various items, which are removed from the earth like rock, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone and so on. These can be utilized as structure materials and for decorative purposes in your construction project.

Grass Crete:

Grass Crete is trending a lot in these days. May be you’ve seen this in numerous places. Grass Crete is a strategy for laying some solid ground surface (for the most part walkways, patio greenhouses and garages) in such a way, that there are some open spaces in the examples, enabling grass or other greenery to develop. In addition to the fact that this limits the utilization of solid, it looks incredible and helps in improved tempest water ingestion.

By utilizing even, a drop of these financially savvy and vitality effective materials in certain zones rather than solid items, you’ll be able to bring down the ecological effect in your concrete space.

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Which Points Should You Check Before Housewarming?

Buying the home of your dreams means a lot of investment, and you deserve the satisfaction at the end of such an expense. It can be quite stressful for you to move into your new home, and you will not like to encounter problems such as faulty wires or leaks in your new house after moving in. These are a few important points that you need to check prior to throwing a housewarming party.

Have all the papers in place

You have to verify all the essential legal documents and ensure that they are in one place, so that you can be assured of your rightful claim to your home. The papers need to be signed as well as stamped properly, wherever needed. Letter of allotment, Commencement Certificate, Power of Attorney, Development Agreement, Blue Print, Possession Letter, Receipts of payments to builder, Builder’s Advocate Search Report and No Objection Certificate (NOC) have to be there.

Check the walls properly

Closely examine every wall before you take possession. You have to report about any chipping, peeling paint, leaks, damp patches, cracks etc as fast as possible.

Repair before moving in

If you wish to live in the home, have all issues – such as bathroom fittings, faucets, taps, defective wiring, piping – fixed and workable. Make sure that its electrical wiring is alright, and have the fittings, MCB, inverter, meter, main fuse etc in perfect order. Ensure that all the windows and doors are smoothly functioning, and have the locks shut securely. Check whether the gas tubes and associated devices have the ISI mark.

Get digitally connected

If there are digital features in your new home, such as smart temperature control, security cameras, lighting control etc, ensure they are properly functioning.

Ensure adherence to specifications

Make sure that all the amenities promised, such as jogging track, gymnasium, swimming pool etc are in accordance with specifications. Also check the tiling and flooring and other common areas.

Use the lift

Ensure that the lift is operational and adheres to all the standards.

Make sure of decent paint job

The rooms need to have double coat paint without any patches apparent.

Examine the drainage

The drains in utility rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balconies etc should be clear, without any clogging.

Ensure efficient cleaning

Make sure that the cooling is effective, and the water outlet is proper – with no risks of wall seepage and paint damage.

Be assured on the safety front

Note the smoke detectors, fire alarm system, refuge area etc, and ensure they are okay.

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Top Three Commercial Construction Industry Trends You Can Expect in 2019

Every year, the commercial construction industry is seeing a vast growth, so it is no doubt that it will develop greatly in 2019, as well. This is for the reason that commercial constructions are such a huge part of the overall financial system of the country. Therefore, it is vital to stay accelerating with any developing trends that will make the industry advance. Construction trends are continuously changing, and companies in this segment need to stay at the front so that they will not fail to keep up the competition. Here are the top three commercial building trends, containing both methods and materials that you could watch out during 2019.

  1. Ecologically maintainable construction methods

It is expected that sustainability will be the leading apprehension in 2019. This may range from the exploit of ecologically friendly construction materials to dipping the carbon footprint, shaped by each structure. This is for the reason that both building owners, as well as their clients, have to care more about the atmosphere. Buildings that are constructed from sustainable materials, like recycled steel or renewable timber, will be boom more with building owners and consumers alike, besides energy efficient and allowing cost savings, better margins, and reduced waste over time.

  1. Worker safety will be greatly promoted by the construction technology

The safety of employees during commercial erection continues to be a leading concern. As the industry is more susceptible to the maximum number of workplace-associated wounds and bereavements, the need for the improved safety principles will be the main concern in 2019 to make the industry move forward. When the construction industry is adequately safe, it will not only cause fewer accidents, but it will also decrease the expenses related to wounds as well as the death of staff.

  1. The year 2019 will see a vast development in the modular construction

So far, modular construction systems are mostly used only in the residential construction sector of the industry. It is expected to occupy the most important position in the commercial buildings, as well, in 2019. This is for the reason that developments in modular design have offered rise to more affordable buildings that employ improved construction materials and takes lesser time to complete. This will entail by making use of construction materials that are extremely simple to install, robust components that can bear up harsh climate conditions, etc. It may also involve the application of 3D imaging methods that will enable builders to map out the building site as accurately as possible.

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