Essential Tips to Prepare a Project Brief before Building a House

Essential Tips to Prepare a Project Brief before Building a House

Have decided to construct a house? Make a Project Brief stating the style and type of your house. How to formulate this? Here are some useful tips for you…

Include Every Person
For formulating a Project Brief, call every family member together. You should include everyone having interest in the construction – wives, husbands and even the children. Prepare your wish list.

Acquire Ideas
For preparing the wish list, you must have some ideas. You should visit a few finished houses or consult architecture books, catalogues, and professional magazines and search the internet to acquire ideas.

Decide on House Type
To prepare the wish list, it is important to know the kind of house to be built as every type has its special requirements.

  • House built for self use should have comfort, privacy and luxury.
  • House built for renting and self use should have comfort and luxury for self use and proper finishing and cost-effective materials for rented portion.
  • House built for renting must have finishing and cost-effective materials and should be suitable for revenue generation.

Not sure about the house type? Design the house in a manner that it can be expanded in future.

How Many Rooms to be Built
Plan room size and how many rooms you want to built. You should also think of the size of overall structure, its features and key functions and inter-relation of spaces.

Decide on the Style of the House
Do you know style of a house determines its cost? Design and style of a house will also determine ventilation and how much natural light can enter the house. Here are a number of popular house styles –

Roman Style
A house with open terraces, big pillars, arches and pantheon roof depicts this style.

Traditional Design
Traditional style houses have dormers, gables and columns like Colonial style homes. They are mostly of two-storey with symmetrical spacing windows and very little ornamentation. Plans of the interior of these traditional houses consist of a central entrance with rooms on both sides.

Contemporary Design
Contemporary style homes are clean, simple, bright and have uncluttered look. Common characteristics of such homes are gabled or flat roofs, open floor plans, large windows without any decorative trim and asymmetrical shapes. These houses are made of wood, bricks, stones or stuccos.

Realistic Budget
After preparing the wish list, how much it is actually possible to give a house its real shape. Assess the budget and keep in mind that there will be unforeseen costs and constraints.

Thus, these are a few things to remember while preparing a Project Brief.

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