How the Development of TMT Bars Helped the Real Estate Industry in India Mature Rapidly

How the Development of TMT Bars Helped the Real Estate Industry in India Mature Rapidly

Twisted iron rods have been used by engineers for decades to build homes across India. However, they are not suited for use in earthquake prone regions, as the rods break quickly when subjected to vibrations and variable pressures. Not just that, the bars get corroded quickly on exposure to moisture from the surrounding concrete, becoming rusty and brittle with time. the timely development of TMT bars offer an excellent solution to the problem.

Multilayer TMT bars help engineers build high-rise buildings

TMT bars consist of various layers, a core and 2 layers of metal over it. The outer core is always under some amount of pressure, depending on the type of TMT bar under consideration. However, the inner core is also ductile in nature, lending inner strength to the rest of the bar. This allows TMT bars to withstand high levels of structural stress, which is common in high-rise buildings and good ductility. It won’t be wrong to say the development of TMT bars helped fuel the rapid development of high-rise buildings across India.

TMT bars also last much longer than other options

The outermost layer of TMT bars is often given a corrosion resistant coating. What’s more – the multilayer structure ensures that even if corrosion does take place, it is restricted to the top layer, so that the ductility of inner layers is not affected. This greatly extends the lifespan of TMT bars and in turn, makes them safe for use in both residential and commercial construction projects.

The development of TMT bars helped the construction industry in India mature rapidly, as engineers and architects could experiment with different techniques they learned. This in turn led to the development of new solutions for problems earlier encountered by engineers while building tall structures. All in all, TMT bars manufacturers helped bring a silent revolution in the real estate industry in the country. In the coming days, this trend can only be expected to continue.

Summary: The development of TMT bars caused the real estate industry in India to mature rapidly. See how.

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