How TMT bars brought about a revolution in construction sector across India

How TMT bars brought about a revolution in construction sector across India

There was a time when homes across India were built with concrete slabs over a skeleton structure made with iron rods. However, the rods would start rusting soon after construction was over, affecting structural stability of the buildings in the long run, and requiring frequent repairs. Besides, the 1993 Latur earthquake, which leveled a village and its surrounding regions and caused more than 30,000 houses to collapse over their unfortunate occupants, made it clear as to how helpless people with such homes were in front of the wrath of nature. A solution was needed, and fast!

TMT bars served the need of the hour

TMT bars are made of several concentric layers, with a hardened core to withstand pressure and two layers above that for corrosion resistance and additional tensile strength. Besides, the advanced quenching process used in the manufacture of these bars increase their durability to a large extent. Thus they can withstand greater pressure without breaking or cracking. They are also given special anti-rust coatings to resist damage from exposure to moisture, which is inevitable when the bars are encased in concrete.

Earthquake resistant TMT bars made it possible to build safer homes

With the rapid development in the iron and steel industry, manufacturers worked on developing TMT bars that would resist the force of an earthquake.  The earthquake resistant TMT bars are thick enough for use in building skyscrapers, although building such structures in earthquake prone zones is obviously not recommended.

TMT bars made it possible to build skyscrapers

Ordinary iron rods can only take pressure up to 3-4 storeys. If a building is taller than that, no engineer would want to risk using these rods to build the skeleton. High grade TMT bars (Fe 500 and higher), on the other hand, can withstand tremendous pressure from concrete without buckling. What’s more, the bars are thicker than generic iron rods and hence fewer of them are needed to build structures. Naturally, with the rapid development of TMT bars, engineers got the material they needed to build high-rise buildings across India, bringing a new age to the construction industry.

All in all, the development of new varieties of TMT bars with corrosion resistance and high strength has made it possible for engineers across India to build structures they could not dream of earlier.

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