How to Check TMT Bar Price in Bihar?

How to Check TMT Bar Price in Bihar?

High strength TMT bars from the best TMT steel manufacturers are an obvious choice for buildings. This is especially true for making earthquake-resistant structures. In the past few years, the construction sector in Bihar has expanded.

The consumption of TMT bars has also experienced growth and these new-age bars have now become one of the most important factors in determining the quality of the construction.

TMT bars possess a number of unique features and are thus given preference over conventional steel bars for construction. Here are some factors that set TMT bars apart from ordinary steel bars:

1. The manufacturing process

It’s important to underscore the manufacturing process of TMT bars as this is the factor that makes it apt for construction projects. The steel bars are subject to quenching once they are out from the rolling mill.

As they pass through the water jets, their outer layer toughens radically, leaving the inner core soft. This soft ferrite-pearlite core makes them extremely ductile and gives high elongation.

TMT bars are highly resistant to fatigue. These bars are best for applications in earthquake-prone zones particularly some area (such as Darbhanga, Madhubani, Sitamarhi etc.) in Bihar that falls under the Zone V of the seismic hazard map.

2. TMT bars are elastic

This is another factor that makes TMT bars important for any construction. Since these bars are extremely ductile, they can be easily bent. TMT bars can be rendered into any shape, as per the requirement of the construction which is why most construction companies prefer using TMT bars.

3. TMT bars are thermal resistant

Thermal stability is very important for construction materials, especially TMT bars. Fire hazards can occur anytime and anywhere. TMT bars with high thermal stability can always retain a greater temperature ranging from 400 to 6000 degree Celsius. This makes the building resistant to fire.

Most importantly, TMT bars bond extremely well with concrete. This is possible due to the X-ribbed design of the bars. As a result, these bars improve the strength of the building and ensure the safety of the overall concrete structure. These are the reasons that make TMT bars extremely important for any type of construction.

If you are a builder or a homeowner located in Bihar, and if you are planning to use the best quality TMT bars for construction, then do not forget to check the prices beforehand. For checking TMT bar price in Bihar, visit today.

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