How to Check TMT Bar Price in Kolkata

How to Check TMT Bar Price in Kolkata

Building a home involves lots of planning. From checking TMT bar prices to choosing the best quality bars, there are a number of factors that need to be considered beforehand.

The marketplaces in Kolkata are flooded with TMT bars from different TMT steel manufacturers. And it’s important that you choose only the best for your home.

TMT bars are mainly used for building the skeletal structure of your home. The quality of the construction depends mostly on the overall strength of the structure. Which is why TMT bars are important.

Now, if you are thinking why TMT bars and not any other steel bars are an obvious choice for your home, then there are several reasons for that.

•    TMT bars are the best choice for earthquake-prone zone

Kolkata is located in a zone that’s prone to high seismic activity. It lies just on the border of Zone III. In the past, the city has been rocked numerous times. Buildings are always at greater risk of getting damaged during a seismic activity and TMT bars are best for protecting them from any hazard.

This is primarily because TMT bars have greater elongation (the quality to elongate before breaking). This is one of the reasons why TMT bars are preferred for earthquake-proof construction.

Although, modern structures in Kolkata are designed in a way that it can handle moderate levels of the earthquake and other calamities but still, poor quality building materials can cause immense damage.

•    TMT bars have innovative design

TMT bars have X-shaped design throughout their entire length. The bars need to bond with the concrete for delivering strength to the structure and these ribs help in doing that. Concrete has an extremely low tensile strength and it needs the support from TMT bars having a greater tensile strength for reinforcement.

•    TMT bars are corrosion resistant

This is due to the special chemical treatment of TMT bars during the manufacturing process. You must have seen that during construction, the TMT bars are exposed to moisture for longer hours. This can cause corrosion if conventional steel bars are used instead of TMT bars, making your building weak.

A strong foundation is essential for a stronger building. So, nothing is as important as buying the best, reliable TMT bars. Before choosing one, do not forget to check the prices of the TMT bars in Kolkata. To check, visit

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