How to Select the Right Materials for Your New Home

How to Select the Right Materials for Your New Home

Building a new home? Be sure to select the materials carefully. After all, a home is an investment of a lifetime that you can leave behind for your future generations. Here are 6 components you need to select carefully, in order to build a home that may last for generations.

Cement: Research online and look for cement of popular brands that you know of. Be sure to buy concrete of the proper strength. Discuss this with your engineer before you start buying the bags. Using cement of more strength than necessary will likely be overkill, while using that of lower strength will lead to reduced lifespan for your construction.

TMT bars: These bars will form the skeleton to hold the concrete together. Buy high quality TMT bars to ensure these last for ages to come. Some of the manufacturers offer earthquake resistance, and will come in handy if you build your home in a region where seismic activities are quite common.
Paint: Always buy the paint in large quantities, so that you can mix together several cans of paint together in a large pail, before you start painting. That way, you will be able to maintain a consistency in the shade of color, since the shade in every can will vary slightly from the rest.
Plumbing: Unless you are careful, this is where you may end up wasting a lot of money. For best results, keep the kitchen and bathrooms in close proximity to one another. That way, you will have to use reduced lengths of pipes to channel water into these rooms.
Lighting: As a rule of thumb – let as much natural light into a room as you can. No matter how many tubes and bulbs you can install, nothing beats good old sunlight when it comes to breathing new life into the decor of a room. Build lots of windows and if you can, also a skylight. Also, look for energy saving options, such as CFLs instead of bulbs.
Plywood: Want a partition in the middle of a room, or new cabinets for your kitchen/bathroom? Invest in high quality plywood. Apart from lasting for decades, it will also reduce your construction costs to a great extent.

Selecting the right supplies for your home can spell the difference between it developing cracks after a measly 5 years or lasting for decades to come. Note the pointers given above and build the home of your dreams, without digging into your savings.

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