Important Vastu Tips to Bring Peace and Happiness at Your Home

Important Vastu Tips to Bring Peace and Happiness at Your Home

Did you know that designing your house in certain ways can improve positivity in your life? Yes. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that tries to harmonize our lives with our surroundings.

Vastu Tips for Home Construction

Vastu Shastra specifies the rules for constructing your home for maintaining a balance between the Earth, Space, Air, Fire and Water Elements and the zonal strengths of the 16 Vastu zones. A house with bad Vastu shastra brings in emotional & professional woes, bad health & loads of negativity. Before selecting a plot check whether it’s Vastu-compliant or not. Though Vastu is an age old science but its popularity hasn’t faded; more & more people are looking for Vastu-compliant homes, according to a survey by

Main Door Entrance Vastu

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“Four out of every five prospective home buyers would like to know the Vastu (ancient science of architecture as per Hindu tradition) of the property, even before physically checking the property”, the study said. ( source –

Let’s Dig in Deeper! We’ve discussed Vastu Tips by Room –

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

1. The door of your bedroom must open up to ninety degrees. This is for inviting maximum opportunities in your life.
2. Ensure that the bedroom door is made of strong and durable material. According to Vastu, this keeps your private life protected from outside interference.
3. Place your bed in a way that when you sleep, your head points toward the south. It brings positive magnetic energy which flows from north in the body. It will rev up blood flow during sleep.
4. Do not keep mirrors in northern side. According to Vastu, doing this will invite trouble in your life.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

1. The south-east and north-west corners of your home are ideal for kitchen.
2. The kitchen door must face north-east, east or north direction.
3. If you cook facing East, it is considered to bring good luck. So, keep the gas or oven in the South-East direction. Also, keep other electrical appliances such as mixer, toaster in the South-East direction of your kitchen.
4. Place the source of drinking water such as pitcher or water filter in the north-east.

Vastu Tips for Living Room

1. Your living room should be facing the north-east direction. This attracts positive vibrations.
2. According to Vastu, the south direction belongs to the element “Fire”. So , keep the electrical gadgets such as telephone, television in the south-west direction.
3. Keep the doors of your living room in the north direction. This direction controls the magnetic energy, thereby, attracting people to your house.
4. Keep the floors of the living room at a lower level than the rest of the rooms. This gives a sense of security to your family members.

These Vastu rules can be implemented when you are constructing your home. Following these Vastu tips will help you maintain a perfect balance of natural forces in your home.


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