The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

RCC Column transfers the maximum loads to the soil base directly from beams and slabs.

An entire building is complete stands on the columns of the building. To make a strong and good construction you must need to make the column properly, otherwise, it may raise construction failure. To know the steps of proper RCC column construction read the article.

This process has mainly four stages –

  • 1. Layout work of column
  • 2. Reinforcement of column
  • 3. Column framework
  • 4. Concrete pouring

Step – 1
This is the very first step to construct the column. Practically the column location is decided in the field. As per the grinds of the drawing the column location is marked by lying rope.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Step -2
After deciding the location, column reinforcement starts as per the structural drawing. In this step, the constructor checks the numbers and diameter of the bars. These bars are placed vertically and also check the distances between the bars and the stirrups. They also bend the hook properly.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Step -3
This step is called the formwork of the column. The height of the construction floor kept 10 feet. But the concrete poured up to the bottom level of the beam if the slab is included in the beam. In construction drawing, if the beam height mentioned about 1″-6″ then column height and formwork must be 8′-6″.But the concrete dropping is not allowed more than 5 feet. This may cause segregation. So the formwork should be done within 5 feet. The casting will be done first then the rest part will be stated.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Step -4
After completing the formwork, the fourth step will be started. In this step, the concrete will be poured into the column. This is done in two methods, one is manually and the other is using a machine or pump.

The 4 Steps of RCC Column Primary Construction

Watch: Construction of RCC Design from start to end in step by step manner.

Important points you should follow during the concrete and after the concrete –

  • When you need less amount of concrete then do this by using a machine, but for the large amount go for ready-mix concrete.
  • You should take the approval from your client for placing the machine or pump.
  • For compaction of the column, the vibration must be used but excess use of it can cause segregation.
  • Do not pour concrete from the height of more than 1.5 meters.
  • Try to avoid joints in the column.
  • Keep in mind that the temperature of concrete should be below 30 degrees during the poring.
  • After pouring and vibrating the concrete, don’t forget to check horizontally and vertically.

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