Three Valid Reasons You Need To Know For a Building Collapse

Three Valid Reasons You Need To Know For a Building Collapse

Whenever a building collapses, whether it is old, during or after construction, under repair, or during natural vulnerabilities, such as cyclone or earthquake, it will send waves of shakes in the minds of the public. People start wondering, can such a disaster happen with them and their family. Of course, there is no basis to be scared, as the rate of collapse of new buildings to the existing ones is negligible. However, you cannot remain neglectful, as it proves lethal and upsetting for you as well as for your whole family. Thus, this is the correct time to know and identify the reasons for the building collapse and to take preventive and corrective measures if it is applicable to you.

1. Flaws in drawings and design
The effective and strong structural, as well as architectural design, is extremely vital for the excellent performance as well as for the low maintenance of the buildings. It is often observed that the building collapses because of the mistake in design. The inappropriate design decision will make the quality of construction worse and show the way to defects during the life of the building. Infringing code requirements in name of cheap or economical design disregarding its lasting effects is a faulty design and not a cost-effective design. It will certainly attract problems.

2. Use of low-quality building materials
Low-quality building materials are those that do not meet the specifications, that is, they will be a lack in physical properties, such as density, weight, etc., and size, lack of chemical properties, or inferior specifications. The use of these materials will definitely decrease the load-bearing capacity of the building. This means that the building will not have the required strength to bear the load. Therefore, one of the major reasons for the building collapse is because of the use of inferior building materials, rather than using high quality SRMB building materials.

3. Insufficient supervision and defective execution
Some of the major reasons that can lead to the low quality of building work include:

  • The implementation mistakes by the engineer and onsite service provider
  • Incorrect decisions
  • Management lapses of the construction chief
  • The foolishness of employees
  • The lack of facts of standard building materials, such as SRMB materials
  • Poor construction processes

These deficiencies will certainly decrease the load-bearing ability of the building in terms of vigor. It will reduce the toughness as well as the life of the building. This, in turn, will cause the building collapse partially or fully after construction, owing to lack of homogeneity and integrity.

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