Without These 4 Construction Materials you can’t Build your Home


Without These 4 Construction Materials you can’t Build your Home

Construction Materials

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The most important factor in constructing a long-lasting civil or commercial structure is the material used. The quality of the construction material is essential to ensure the durability of the structure. When planning a construction project, the materials must be wisely chosen so that they properly fulfill the desired functions that are expected from them. From cement to TMT rods, here is a checklist of important materials without which any construction project is incomplete:

1. Bricks

This is the most basic and one of the most important components for constructing a structure. Basically, bricks are made of clay, mud or ceramic material which are burned in a kiln and then dried to make them hard. Fired bricks are commonly used for constructing homes. These bricks have cavities that help them in drying. These cavities also make them light weight. When constructing homes, these bricks are placed upon each other and reinforced with the mix of cement and sand to make walls, ceiling and other architectural detail of the home.

2. Cement

Cement acts as a binder and is used to bind other construction materials such as bricks or TMT rods together. Cement can be either hydraulic or non-hydraulic. This classification depends largely on the ability of the cement to set with water. Hydraulic cement has adhesive properties and quickly sets with water, even under wet conditions; while non-hydraulic cement won’t set under wet conditions. Hydraulic cement is widely used for constructing home and other structures.

3. Concrete

This building material is manufactured by combining aggregate composites and a binder such as cement. The most common type of concrete used for construction is Portland cement concrete which is made using sand, gravel, cement and water. Once these components are mixed properly, the mixture is left to harden and the final product is known as concrete. Concrete has a very low tensile strength and therefore, to strengthen it, construction workers use TMT rod or re-bars. Concrete is highly durable and has better longevity.

4. TMT Rod

TMT rod or TMT bars are widely used construction materials. These are manufactured using processes that include compression, rolling, treating them with heat followed by quenching (using water). The last step hardens its outer layer, giving it superior strength and durability. High quality TMT rods and bars are excellent for ensuring the durability and longevity of your home. Its ribbed exterior helps it to bond with the cement, giving a firm support to the structure. While its super bending ability (due to its soft ferrite-pearlite core) lets the construction workers mould it into various shapes. It is corrosion resistant and is good for earthquake-prone areas.

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