Some Well-Known Heritages in the Indian Engineering Field

1. Cochin Airport

The most amazing fact about this place is that it became the country’s first airport to run on solar power. It started functioning around 3 years ago and consists of photovoltaic panels for the purpose, covering almost acres of land around the cargo complex. It has the capacity to avail 50,000 to 60,000 units of electricity on a daily basis and carries out all the functions properly. For this reason, the airport is absolutely “power neutral”. The entire set up has taken months to complete. Set up by Bosch Ltd., Bangalore, it has a fine capacity of producing 18 million units of power per year.

2. Hyderabad Metro Project

Metro railways are one of the most important modes of transport in various cities. Hyderabad metro rail project is considered to be the world’s largest project under the supervision of public-private partnership. Being the world’s largest elevated metro, it is able to provide transportation to millions of public.

3. Neemuch Solar Power Plant

Neemuch Solar Power Plant is located in Madhya Pradesh and is known to be Asia’s largest one. Set up on an 800-acre site, the 151 DC (megawatt) is led by Welspun Energy which is India’s largest private solar project developer. It will render electricity to lots of houses in Madhya Pradesh contributing to its development.

4. Yamuna Expressway

New Delhi with Agra is connected by India’s longest Expressway. It is a six-lane expressway and 165-kilometer-long. Traveling had become a lot easier because of this and as a result of this, the time is reduced as well. It is recognized in the world’s top 100 innovative infrastructural projects, which is aided by KPMG.

5. Solar Park at Charanaka Village in Gujarat

Being India’s first solar park, it is constructed in Gujarat and esteemed to be Asia’s largest solar park hub. It is spread across 5000 acres of land. The park has a capacity of generating both solar and wind energy.

6. Mumbai’s Eastern Freeway

It is India’s second largest flyover. With fine features of engineering work, it connects South Mumbai to the Eastern Express Highway. It is 16.8 km long.

7. Bahinal-Qazigund Tunnel

It is India’s longest railway tunnel around the Kashmir valley. Being the second longest tunnel in Asia, it is 11 km long and the entire project took 7 years to complete.

8. Interceptor sewage system

It is an initiative by the Delhi Jal Board to keep the Yamuna river clean. The solution is an interceptor sewage system.

Top 3 Ways to Select the Right Material for Wall Panel

Rather than painting the walls with different colors or sticking stickers, wall panel is dominating the world of interior decoration for years. Most of the people are investing in it, due to several reasons, among them, the elegant appearance of the wall is mostly acclaimed.

If you are thinking that this décor will cost a lot of money and it may be out of your budget, then you are wrong. The wide range of wall panels are available in contemporary styles with an affordable price to reach every standard of people.

Let’s continue your reading, to know about how to choose the appropriate construction material to make your plan successful.

The Natural Wooden Finish Panel:

Like the wooden floor, the wall panels made with wood achieves a great response and ideal for the person, who wants the classiness in his home. These panels not only look pretty but also gives enough thermal as well as acoustic insulation. While tile cladding leaves a space for dirt and dust to damage the look of the entire decoration, this wooden décor idea is just the opposite. It is super easy to remove as well as repair, even you can replace it if you want to change the design.

Medium-density Fiberboard:

MDF or Medium-density fiberboard is a product, which is manufactured by mixing several pieces of the different size of wood fibers together with resin under high temperature and pressure. It is cheap than other types of wall furnishings styles and will give a wooden look by staining the materials. Hence, if you want the wooden finishing within low price, then opting for MDF is the best choice for you.

Medium Density Wood is weak than the natural wood. Therefore, you have to be more careful at the time of installing it. Do not compromise on the construction material if you do not want to experience any crack after installing it on your wall.

PVC Panels:

PVC panels are long-lasting, affordable, hygienic and easy to maintain. The best places to apply this are bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens due to their waterproof quality. These do not allow dust to stick on the surface of it, therefore, maintaining the quality of it is quite easy. If you want to go for the glossy design or the matte one, it is upon you. Just keep that fact in your mind that your construction base is strong enough to suit with this wall design.

Let’s make your interior decoration unmatched from others by using these above-mentioned styles.

Visit for more details.

While Constructing a House in India, You Should Take Care of These Common Mistakes

Building a home requires a lot of time as well as planning. The house owners should do the appropriate decision making while constructing a house. The design quality and material for the structure must also be chosen with great care. The wrong decision will take you to poor construction of your house. Therefore, proper planning needs to be done as far as execution, designing, and sourcing is concerned. If you avoid these common mistakes while constructing a house in India, you can later improve the quality, comfort and energy efficiency of your house without even spending a hefty amount.

Avoid 10 Common Mistakes:

1. Don’t execute a complicated plan for your house

Giving a great designing plan for your floor is not a very easy thing to do. While giving a design, you need to be very much particular in choosing the best stuff because most of the times the house owners end up with giving unwanted design plans which are not needed.

2. Not taking the help from the professionals

This is the most crucial mistakes made by the house owners. Usually, they don’t take help from the professionals. Normally, it is the essential thing to take the assistance from the professionals for your interior designing and architect. This will simply restrict the occurrence of errors while building your house.

3. Not going through the future requirements

It is the main matter of consideration to think for your family members. Think for the spacious rooms so that all the needs are fulfilled for your family. The planning of your house should be made in such a way that you don’t have to regret in future. For instance, you will think about why you haven’t made a bathroom on the ground floor when it is more needed.

4. The bedroom should be placed in the right place

To get rid of the traffic sound and other unwanted noise, the bedroom should be placed in the right corner. It is highly recommended that the main bedroom should be constructed away from the main living areas.

5. You should not forget the additional cost

You should be well prepared for the additional costs because while constructing a house there might be several chances of bearing the additional cost. Several problems can occur such as damage through termites, dry rot and the poor soil can give you more headaches. Enquire about the shipping costs from your contractors before constructing a new home.

6. Select the plots carefully

Most of the people prefer to buy the T, and L shaped plots, and usually, they forget about the impact which it will put on your roofs as well as walls of your house. Choosing the plot plays a very vital role before constructing a new house.

7. Not building the hallways properly

Make sure to build the broad hallways for your house. This will help to create a wide passage for the residents. Avoid building too many passages as it will simply lead to the wastage of your space and you can’t be able to enjoy your privacy.

8. Making the best space for your garage

The garage should be built in the main level, near the kitchen or some mudroom. It will avoid the dirt and dust to enter inside your home. It will simply restrict the flow of dust when normally the people come and go inside the house with dirty shoes and backpacks.

9. Utilize the unused rooms

Adding a game room or a multipurpose room is the main plan for some people but utilizing these rooms for a different purpose can waste your space. Most of the times, the unused rooms tend to become the dumping room where all your clothes and other whereabouts are dumped.

10. Bad fixings of lights

You should add the proper amount of windows at your home which will help you to take the natural sunlight anytime. Adding skylights to your home is the best way to enjoy the natural light. Plentiful windows need to be installed at your home.

If you want to construct a beautiful house in the future, then go through the above construction mistakes that need to be avoided while constructing a new house and enjoy the benefits of home for a long period.

Check TMT bars rate chart:

How to Check TMT Bar Price in Kolkata

Building a home involves lots of planning. From checking TMT bar prices to choosing the best quality bars, there are a number of factors that need to be considered beforehand.

The marketplaces in Kolkata are flooded with TMT bars from different TMT steel manufacturers. And it’s important that you choose only the best for your home.

TMT bars are mainly used for building the skeletal structure of your home. The quality of the construction depends mostly on the overall strength of the structure. Which is why TMT bars are important.

Now, if you are thinking why TMT bars and not any other steel bars are an obvious choice for your home, then there are several reasons for that.

•    TMT bars are the best choice for earthquake-prone zone

Kolkata is located in a zone that’s prone to high seismic activity. It lies just on the border of Zone III. In the past, the city has been rocked numerous times. Buildings are always at greater risk of getting damaged during a seismic activity and TMT bars are best for protecting them from any hazard.

This is primarily because TMT bars have greater elongation (the quality to elongate before breaking). This is one of the reasons why TMT bars are preferred for earthquake-proof construction.

Although, modern structures in Kolkata are designed in a way that it can handle moderate levels of the earthquake and other calamities but still, poor quality building materials can cause immense damage.

•    TMT bars have innovative design

TMT bars have X-shaped design throughout their entire length. The bars need to bond with the concrete for delivering strength to the structure and these ribs help in doing that. Concrete has an extremely low tensile strength and it needs the support from TMT bars having a greater tensile strength for reinforcement.

•    TMT bars are corrosion resistant

This is due to the special chemical treatment of TMT bars during the manufacturing process. You must have seen that during construction, the TMT bars are exposed to moisture for longer hours. This can cause corrosion if conventional steel bars are used instead of TMT bars, making your building weak.

A strong foundation is essential for a stronger building. So, nothing is as important as buying the best, reliable TMT bars. Before choosing one, do not forget to check the prices of the TMT bars in Kolkata. To check, visit

How to Check TMT Bar Price in Bihar?

High strength TMT bars from the best TMT steel manufacturers are an obvious choice for buildings. This is especially true for making earthquake-resistant structures. In the past few years, the construction sector in Bihar has expanded.

The consumption of TMT bars has also experienced growth and these new-age bars have now become one of the most important factors in determining the quality of the construction.

TMT bars possess a number of unique features and are thus given preference over conventional steel bars for construction. Here are some factors that set TMT bars apart from ordinary steel bars:

1. The manufacturing process

It’s important to underscore the manufacturing process of TMT bars as this is the factor that makes it apt for construction projects. The steel bars are subject to quenching once they are out from the rolling mill.

As they pass through the water jets, their outer layer toughens radically, leaving the inner core soft. This soft ferrite-pearlite core makes them extremely ductile and gives high elongation.

TMT bars are highly resistant to fatigue. These bars are best for applications in earthquake-prone zones particularly some area (such as Darbhanga, Madhubani, Sitamarhi etc.) in Bihar that falls under the Zone V of the seismic hazard map.

2. TMT bars are elastic

This is another factor that makes TMT bars important for any construction. Since these bars are extremely ductile, they can be easily bent. TMT bars can be rendered into any shape, as per the requirement of the construction which is why most construction companies prefer using TMT bars.

3. TMT bars are thermal resistant

Thermal stability is very important for construction materials, especially TMT bars. Fire hazards can occur anytime and anywhere. TMT bars with high thermal stability can always retain a greater temperature ranging from 400 to 6000 degree Celsius. This makes the building resistant to fire.

Most importantly, TMT bars bond extremely well with concrete. This is possible due to the X-ribbed design of the bars. As a result, these bars improve the strength of the building and ensure the safety of the overall concrete structure. These are the reasons that make TMT bars extremely important for any type of construction.

If you are a builder or a homeowner located in Bihar, and if you are planning to use the best quality TMT bars for construction, then do not forget to check the prices beforehand. For checking TMT bar price in Bihar, visit today.

Without These 4 Construction Materials you can’t Build your Home

Construction Materials

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The most important factor in constructing a long-lasting civil or commercial structure is the material used. The quality of the construction material is essential to ensure the durability of the structure. When planning a construction project, the materials must be wisely chosen so that they properly fulfill the desired functions that are expected from them. From cement to TMT rods, here is a checklist of important materials without which any construction project is incomplete:

1. Bricks

This is the most basic and one of the most important components for constructing a structure. Basically, bricks are made of clay, mud or ceramic material which are burned in a kiln and then dried to make them hard. Fired bricks are commonly used for constructing homes. These bricks have cavities that help them in drying. These cavities also make them light weight. When constructing homes, these bricks are placed upon each other and reinforced with the mix of cement and sand to make walls, ceiling and other architectural detail of the home.

2. Cement

Cement acts as a binder and is used to bind other construction materials such as bricks or TMT rods together. Cement can be either hydraulic or non-hydraulic. This classification depends largely on the ability of the cement to set with water. Hydraulic cement has adhesive properties and quickly sets with water, even under wet conditions; while non-hydraulic cement won’t set under wet conditions. Hydraulic cement is widely used for constructing home and other structures.

3. Concrete

This building material is manufactured by combining aggregate composites and a binder such as cement. The most common type of concrete used for construction is Portland cement concrete which is made using sand, gravel, cement and water. Once these components are mixed properly, the mixture is left to harden and the final product is known as concrete. Concrete has a very low tensile strength and therefore, to strengthen it, construction workers use TMT rod or re-bars. Concrete is highly durable and has better longevity.

4. TMT Rod

TMT rod or TMT bars are widely used construction materials. These are manufactured using processes that include compression, rolling, treating them with heat followed by quenching (using water). The last step hardens its outer layer, giving it superior strength and durability. High quality TMT rods and bars are excellent for ensuring the durability and longevity of your home. Its ribbed exterior helps it to bond with the cement, giving a firm support to the structure. While its super bending ability (due to its soft ferrite-pearlite core) lets the construction workers mould it into various shapes. It is corrosion resistant and is good for earthquake-prone areas.

We’ll cover more such useful construction related content. So, keep watching this space!

5 Greatest Construction Projects in India


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The construction industry is a major contributor to the Indian GDP ; it employs about 30 million people in the country. Not only that, this sector also accounts for more than 60% infrastructure investment in the country. By 2017, the Indian government is planning to invest a whopping $ 1 trillion in infrastructure. The Ministry of Roads and transport has already planned a project to develop the roadway network that will cost about $120 billion.

The future looks definitely bright; here we discuss 5 greatest construction projects in India:

1. Chenab River Railway Bridge

This is one of the greatest engineering and construction marvels in India. At a height of 359 metres the Chenab bridge connects Bakkal and Kauri in the Reasi district of Jammu & Kashmir. This 1.3 kilometres long bridge is a part of the part of the Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla Rail link project undertaken by the Indian Railways. It is the world’s highest railway bridge and is expected to complete by early 2019.

2. Gujarat International Finance Tech-City (GIFT)

This industrial hub is designed to furnish the tech and finance organisations with high quality physical infrastructure. This greenfield city is spread over an area of 886 acres and is estimated to be a  70,000 crore project. This city is divided into special economic zones (SEZ), township, hotels, entertainment zone, educational zone  and special techno parks. This is still under construction and is a joint venture between Gujarat Urban Development Company Limited and  Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services.

3. Eastern Freeway

This freeway connects South Mumbai with the suburbs in the Eastern part of the city. The main goal of this project was to reduce the travel time between these two regions. The project was undertaken by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) and covers a distance of 16.8 kilometres. The freeway constitutes three segments: a tunnel, a 13 kilometres stretch of elevated road and the link road between Ghatkopar and Mulund.

4. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport

One of the top ten airports in India, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport manages over 300 flights a day. Earlier it consisted of total three terminal buildings. Including a domestic terminal. However, a few years back, the international terminal was merged with the domestic terminal. Now, it has only one passenger terminal  spread on an area of 233,000 m2 . This new integrated terminal has 6 levels and can handle about 20 million passengers per year. Its previous capacity was 4.8 million passengers per year. This modern facility offers modern taxiways.

5. Kathipura Flyover

This is the largest cloverleaf flyover in Asia and is located in Alandur. It is also known as Kathipura Junction grade separator and is one of the most important road junctions in Chennai. This is an intersection of four roads namely ,Inner Ring Road,  Grand Southern Trunk Road, Anna Selai and Mount Poonamallee road.

TMT bars are one of the important components in construction of superstructures in India. However, when buying TMT bars, it is important to check the brand to ensure you get the best quality TMT bars.

10 Ideas for You to Jazz Up Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor space is as important as indoors. It is where you enjoy a quiet time watching the sunset or watch your kids play to their heart’s content. With simple tools and design ideas, you can create a perfect outdoor space.

Here we have discussed 10 interesting decor ideas that will give a wow feel to your outdoor space.

1. Purchase Patio Furniture

If you have a cement patio, keep sleek chairs or a classy bench. Keep a small wooden table and place a few potted plants on it. Arrange the pots in a scattered way instead of clubbing them together. Using colourful pots for holding the plants will add a dash of colour to your outdoor space.

2. Utilise the Walls of Your Patio

Work on the walls to pep up the look of your outdoor space. Install a trellis along the walls. Use it for hanging decorative items. For brick walls, place a couple of hanging planters and lanterns to take the rustic look several notches higher.

3. Use Gravels to Cover Your Outdoor Space

Want a fuss – free outdoor space? Try covering the floor with gravels. You can even use crushed limestone instead of gravels. This way you do not have to mow the grasses regularly. Plant flowers along the edges.

4. Colour Coordinate the Furniture

Use warm hues to cover the furniture items. If you’re a “green” loving person then natural hues would be just the right option for you.

5. Install Window Boxes

Exterior window boxes filled with colourful outdoor plants can amp up your outdoor decor.

6. Keep a Rug

This will add an extra layer of colour and comfort to your outdoor decor. Use durable outdoor rugs so that they can withstand wear and tear.

7. Use Creative Containers Instead of Traditional Pots

Look for containers around your house and use them as planters. You can use wooden crates, small jars as planters.

8. Illuminate your Outdoor space

Install colourful light fixtures or bistro lights to give your outdoor space a cozy feel.

9. Outdoor canopies

They not only add style to your outdoor space but also protect you from harsh weather and insects. During summers, you can enjoy the outdoors under the canopies in the yard.

10. Fill the Gaps

Cover the gaps with colourful sedums. These plants add a pop of colour and are pleasant to eyes.

Important Vastu Tips to Bring Peace and Happiness at Your Home

Did you know that designing your house in certain ways can improve positivity in your life? Yes. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that tries to harmonize our lives with our surroundings.

Vastu Tips for Home Construction

Vastu Shastra specifies the rules for constructing your home for maintaining a balance between the Earth, Space, Air, Fire and Water Elements and the zonal strengths of the 16 Vastu zones. A house with bad Vastu shastra brings in emotional & professional woes, bad health & loads of negativity. Before selecting a plot check whether it’s Vastu-compliant or not. Though Vastu is an age old science but its popularity hasn’t faded; more & more people are looking for Vastu-compliant homes, according to a survey by

Main Door Entrance Vastu

Image Credit:

“Four out of every five prospective home buyers would like to know the Vastu (ancient science of architecture as per Hindu tradition) of the property, even before physically checking the property”, the study said. ( source –

Let’s Dig in Deeper! We’ve discussed Vastu Tips by Room –

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

1. The door of your bedroom must open up to ninety degrees. This is for inviting maximum opportunities in your life.
2. Ensure that the bedroom door is made of strong and durable material. According to Vastu, this keeps your private life protected from outside interference.
3. Place your bed in a way that when you sleep, your head points toward the south. It brings positive magnetic energy which flows from north in the body. It will rev up blood flow during sleep.
4. Do not keep mirrors in northern side. According to Vastu, doing this will invite trouble in your life.

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

1. The south-east and north-west corners of your home are ideal for kitchen.
2. The kitchen door must face north-east, east or north direction.
3. If you cook facing East, it is considered to bring good luck. So, keep the gas or oven in the South-East direction. Also, keep other electrical appliances such as mixer, toaster in the South-East direction of your kitchen.
4. Place the source of drinking water such as pitcher or water filter in the north-east.

Vastu Tips for Living Room

1. Your living room should be facing the north-east direction. This attracts positive vibrations.
2. According to Vastu, the south direction belongs to the element “Fire”. So , keep the electrical gadgets such as telephone, television in the south-west direction.
3. Keep the doors of your living room in the north direction. This direction controls the magnetic energy, thereby, attracting people to your house.
4. Keep the floors of the living room at a lower level than the rest of the rooms. This gives a sense of security to your family members.

These Vastu rules can be implemented when you are constructing your home. Following these Vastu tips will help you maintain a perfect balance of natural forces in your home.


Rialto Bridge: Amazing Facts and Information

Venice is famous for stunning structures and one of them is Ponte Di Rialto or the Rialto Bridge. Located just at the heart of the bustling city, Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge over the Grand Canal. It connects two of the busiest spots in Venice – San Polo and San Marco.

The view from the bridge offers you an interesting perspective of the busy city streets and the surrounding landscape. Let’s take you on a walk down the memory lane and present a couple of interesting facts about the Rialto Bridge. Read on!

Rialto Bridge, Venice
Rialto Bridge History

Let’s begin with an interesting fact – until 1854, Rialto Bridge was the only bridge across the Grand Canal. The first bridge that was built over Grand Canal was the Pontoon Bridge in 12th century. This bridge succumbed to the heavy traffic and was soon replaced with a wooden structure. However, in 1444, this wooden structure also collapsed. After this, the Rialto Bridge was designed during the sixteenth century to replace that wooden structure. A competition was held to design its architecture. The best architects of that time, including Michelangelo and Palladio, submitted designs for building this bridge. However, the design suggested by Antonio da Ponte was finally selected.

Building the Bridge

The bridge took 3 long years to be completed. Lack of funds and other unstable circumstances delayed the construction. People grew critical of it as the merchants involved in its construction were making losses. However, the long wait was worth it; it’s been renowned as the architectural and engineering masterpiece of
Renaissance. It has inspired many artists and has been portrayed in paintings such as Miracle of the Relic of the Cross at the Ponte di Rialto.

Life Span Controversy

This bridge is a single span bridge, that is, it is anchored at both the ends with nothing to support the middle section. The engineers of the bridge were skeptical about the design. They predicted that this won’t last long. The design was considered an audacious one. But Antonio da ultimately silenced all his critics with this genius design.Today, the Rialto Bridge stands with elan and is a prime tourist attraction in Venice.

The amazing architecture of the Rialto Bridge has stood the test of time and continues to amaze the tourists. It has become the most visited and most photographed place in Venice.