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Top Three Commercial Construction Industry Trends You Can Expect in 2019

Every year, the commercial construction industry is seeing a vast growth, so it is no doubt that it will develop greatly in 2019, as well. This is for the reason that commercial constructions are such a huge part of the overall financial system of the country. Therefore, it is vital to stay accelerating with any developing trends that will make the industry advance. Construction trends are continuously changing, and companies in this segment need to stay at the front so that they will not fail to keep up the competition. Here are the top three commercial building trends, containing both methods and materials that you could watch out during 2019.

  1. Ecologically maintainable construction methods

It is expected that sustainability will be the leading apprehension in 2019. This may range from the exploit of ecologically friendly construction materials to dipping the carbon footprint, shaped by each structure. This is for the reason that both building owners, as well as their clients, have to care more about the atmosphere. Buildings that are constructed from sustainable materials, like recycled steel or renewable timber, will be boom more with building owners and consumers alike, besides energy efficient and allowing cost savings, better margins, and reduced waste over time.

  1. Worker safety will be greatly promoted by the construction technology

The safety of employees during commercial erection continues to be a leading concern. As the industry is more susceptible to the maximum number of workplace-associated wounds and bereavements, the need for the improved safety principles will be the main concern in 2019 to make the industry move forward. When the construction industry is adequately safe, it will not only cause fewer accidents, but it will also decrease the expenses related to wounds as well as the death of staff.

  1. The year 2019 will see a vast development in the modular construction

So far, modular construction systems are mostly used only in the residential construction sector of the industry. It is expected to occupy the most important position in the commercial buildings, as well, in 2019. This is for the reason that developments in modular design have offered rise to more affordable buildings that employ improved construction materials and takes lesser time to complete. This will entail by making use of construction materials that are extremely simple to install, robust components that can bear up harsh climate conditions, etc. It may also involve the application of 3D imaging methods that will enable builders to map out the building site as accurately as possible.

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India Improves Its Infrastructure in 2018 through Four Major Construction Projects

India is going through one of the major infrastructure and construction investment programs in the world. The country will expend billions of dollars on megaprojects for upgrading housing as well as infrastructure. The construction sector of the country is expected to grow at the rate of 8% per year for the subsequent decade. Construction activity contributes 10% of GDP of the country and it employs over 30 million people for completing its upcoming projects. It comprises an investment of over 60% of total infrastructure. Here are four major 2018 megaprojects of India that you need to know.

The NDHP or the National Highways Development Project is one of the 2018 megaprojects of India. It is a comprehensive plan to improve, regenerate, and broaden major highways in the country. It is being performed in seven stages over 45, 000 kilometers of Indian highways. The Indian Government has borrowed a sum of 1,965 million dollars from the World Bank, 1605 million dollars from the Asian Development Bank, and 261 million dollars from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation to execute the project.

Another major Construction and Infrastructure project of India is the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor project. India is going to invest $90 billion in this project for creating seven elegant cities spreading along a devoted cargo passage between Mumbai and the capital city of India, Delhi. The project involves  offering of job opportunities to about three million people in the manufacturing and processing divisions.

The major aim of India is to build smart cities in the country that will surpass others in the world countries. As a result, the Indian government is going to invest 20 billion dollars in the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City project for building smart cities covering a vast land area of 3.59 square kilometers. The project is implemented with the main goal of exceeding the global smart cities, such as La Défense city in France, Shinjuku in Tokyo, and the London Docklands in Britain.

India is going to invest 92 million dollars in constructing a railway bridge across the Chenab River. The Chenab River Railway Bridge is considered the major as well as the highest railway bridge in the world. It will be constructed with the height of 359 meters in Katra, Jammu Kashmir above the bed of the river Chenab. The bridge will be constructed with a length of 1.3 kilometers. It is a part of the Katra to Dharam railway section link between Udhampur, Srinagar, and Baramulla, which extends to a length of 73 kilometers.

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4 Innovative Technologies That the Construction Industry Will See in 2019

2018 was a giant year for technology novelty in the field of construction. As technology develops every year, it is expected that 2019 will experience some more innovations. Construction companies that are embracing the recent technology in their construction projects will be benefitted much through technology innovation. If you are planning to become one of the innovators in the construction industry, here are the four innovative construction technologies that you may need to watch in 2019.

  1. Self-curing concrete

Every year, tons of concrete materials are being used for fixing, maintaining, and restoring buildings, roads, bridges, and tunnels. This is for the reason that all concrete ultimately breaks and has to be reinstated. Therefore, self-curing concrete would definitely increase the lifetime of building and it will greatly benefit construction companies in saving much of their money while handling their operating costs. The skill behind this technological wonder shows itself when water goes into a crack. This reactivates the bacterium that was blending during the incorporation process. When the bacterium is activated, it will expel calcite that will then cure the crack.

  1. Translucent aluminum

Translucent aluminum is stronger than steel, as it is considered a solid innovative state of matter. Its herculean power will make it the most sought-after construction material amid many professional builders. Therefore, you can expect that it will become a solid material and will add a futuristic touch to 2019 buildings. This new construction material is highly developed building technology, as it is prepared from aluminum oxynitride by making use of the laser technology.

  1. Aerogel padding

Aerogel is formed by eliminating the liquid from a gel, abandoning the silica constitution that contains 90% air, thus making it a semi-transparent material. Besides frivolous, aerogel is capable of retaining its form, thus making it a useful material to produce thin aerogel material sheets. Aerogel material is the foundation to be employed in the construction industry, owing to its unbelievable insulation characteristics. Aerogel insulation is capable of preventing cold or heat to traverse and it is more powerful than the foam or fiberglass insulation.

  1. Automatic swarm erection

Robotic swarm construction has been designed on the way termites work. Termites team up as a group and building robotics are planned to collaborate in this way. Each instance to erect a certain design is programmed by making use of a four-wheeled robot to identify the existence of other robots, so that they can get together.

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How Can Home Builders Save Money During Construction?

If you are among the lucky few individuals who are able to afford the construction of a custom property, be prepared for some hard work. It can be cost-effective for you to design and construct a house instead of buying an already existing one, but you have to make upfront payments. Thus, you cannot just mortgage and invest the money that you get. Here are some recommendations on how home builders can save money at the time of construction.

Purchase only the materials that you require

While measuring for your property, you have to buy more materials than necessary. You have to ensure that you take precise measurement. This can help you to reduce a lot of expenses. You may always buy more in the end if you require, although you can face difficulties in getting back your money on the surplus items that you buy. Have proper consultation with your designer and make sure that you do not spend more money than needed.

Get in touch with a renowned architect

You can find many architects to select from when you have to choose the best one for your requirements. But you need to research enough to find an experienced and esteemed expert who can help you with your property designing. This can ensure that you do not end up making any mistakes while creating blueprints, and that your newly constructed house will satisfy all the legal regulations in place. Esteemed architects do not charge excessive fees over what is actually required.

Look for the best contractors

With so many contractors being available, you can be spoilt for choices. However, not having the best contractors for your project can make things go wrong easily. If you want the best outcomes, get word of mouth suggestions from your associates. It is essential that you check out various review websites to conduct a background check on different contractors. Look for an esteemed electrical contractor, roofing company and builders’ team to start with. In case you require more tradesmen in the future, you can easily hire them. You need to take the price factor into consideration as well, and you have to reduce expenses as much as you can. Always ask for quotes from the professionals that you get in touch with. You may be able to reduce the charges when you obtain quotes from other companies. Visit http://www.tmtbar.com/ for more information.


Some Well-Known Heritages in the Indian Engineering Field

1. Cochin Airport

The most amazing fact about this place is that it became the country’s first airport to run on solar power. It started functioning around 3 years ago and consists of photovoltaic panels for the purpose, covering almost acres of land around the cargo complex. It has the capacity to avail 50,000 to 60,000 units of electricity on a daily basis and carries out all the functions properly. For this reason, the airport is absolutely “power neutral”. The entire set up has taken months to complete. Set up by Bosch Ltd., Bangalore, it has a fine capacity of producing 18 million units of power per year.

2. Hyderabad Metro Project

Metro railways are one of the most important modes of transport in various cities. Hyderabad metro rail project is considered to be the world’s largest project under the supervision of public-private partnership. Being the world’s largest elevated metro, it is able to provide transportation to millions of public.

3. Neemuch Solar Power Plant

Neemuch Solar Power Plant is located in Madhya Pradesh and is known to be Asia’s largest one. Set up on an 800-acre site, the 151 DC (megawatt) is led by Welspun Energy which is India’s largest private solar project developer. It will render electricity to lots of houses in Madhya Pradesh contributing to its development.

4. Yamuna Expressway

New Delhi with Agra is connected by India’s longest Expressway. It is a six-lane expressway and 165-kilometer-long. Traveling had become a lot easier because of this and as a result of this, the time is reduced as well. It is recognized in the world’s top 100 innovative infrastructural projects, which is aided by KPMG.

5. Solar Park at Charanaka Village in Gujarat

Being India’s first solar park, it is constructed in Gujarat and esteemed to be Asia’s largest solar park hub. It is spread across 5000 acres of land. The park has a capacity of generating both solar and wind energy.

6. Mumbai’s Eastern Freeway

It is India’s second largest flyover. With fine features of engineering work, it connects South Mumbai to the Eastern Express Highway. It is 16.8 km long.

7. Bahinal-Qazigund Tunnel

It is India’s longest railway tunnel around the Kashmir valley. Being the second longest tunnel in Asia, it is 11 km long and the entire project took 7 years to complete.

8. Interceptor sewage system

It is an initiative by the Delhi Jal Board to keep the Yamuna river clean. The solution is an interceptor sewage system.


Top 3 Ways to Select the Right Material for Wall Panel

Rather than painting the walls with different colors or sticking stickers, wall panel is dominating the world of interior decoration for years. Most of the people are investing in it, due to several reasons, among them, the elegant appearance of the wall is mostly acclaimed.

If you are thinking that this décor will cost a lot of money and it may be out of your budget, then you are wrong. The wide range of wall panels are available in contemporary styles with an affordable price to reach every standard of people.

Let’s continue your reading, to know about how to choose the appropriate construction material to make your plan successful.

The Natural Wooden Finish Panel:

Like the wooden floor, the wall panels made with wood achieves a great response and ideal for the person, who wants the classiness in his home. These panels not only look pretty but also gives enough thermal as well as acoustic insulation. While tile cladding leaves a space for dirt and dust to damage the look of the entire decoration, this wooden décor idea is just the opposite. It is super easy to remove as well as repair, even you can replace it if you want to change the design.

Medium-density Fiberboard:

MDF or Medium-density fiberboard is a product, which is manufactured by mixing several pieces of the different size of wood fibers together with resin under high temperature and pressure. It is cheap than other types of wall furnishings styles and will give a wooden look by staining the materials. Hence, if you want the wooden finishing within low price, then opting for MDF is the best choice for you.

Medium Density Wood is weak than the natural wood. Therefore, you have to be more careful at the time of installing it. Do not compromise on the construction material if you do not want to experience any crack after installing it on your wall.

PVC Panels:

PVC panels are long-lasting, affordable, hygienic and easy to maintain. The best places to apply this are bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchens due to their waterproof quality. These do not allow dust to stick on the surface of it, therefore, maintaining the quality of it is quite easy. If you want to go for the glossy design or the matte one, it is upon you. Just keep that fact in your mind that your construction base is strong enough to suit with this wall design.

Let’s make your interior decoration unmatched from others by using these above-mentioned styles.

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While Constructing a House in India, You Should Take Care of These Common Mistakes

Building a home requires a lot of time as well as planning. The house owners should do the appropriate decision making while constructing a house. The design quality and material for the structure must also be chosen with great care. The wrong decision will take you to poor construction of your house. Therefore, proper planning needs to be done as far as execution, designing, and sourcing is concerned. If you avoid these common mistakes while constructing a house in India, you can later improve the quality, comfort and energy efficiency of your house without even spending a hefty amount.

Avoid 10 Common Mistakes:

1. Don’t execute a complicated plan for your house

Giving a great designing plan for your floor is not a very easy thing to do. While giving a design, you need to be very much particular in choosing the best stuff because most of the times the house owners end up with giving unwanted design plans which are not needed.

2. Not taking the help from the professionals

This is the most crucial mistakes made by the house owners. Usually, they don’t take help from the professionals. Normally, it is the essential thing to take the assistance from the professionals for your interior designing and architect. This will simply restrict the occurrence of errors while building your house.

3. Not going through the future requirements

It is the main matter of consideration to think for your family members. Think for the spacious rooms so that all the needs are fulfilled for your family. The planning of your house should be made in such a way that you don’t have to regret in future. For instance, you will think about why you haven’t made a bathroom on the ground floor when it is more needed.

4. The bedroom should be placed in the right place

To get rid of the traffic sound and other unwanted noise, the bedroom should be placed in the right corner. It is highly recommended that the main bedroom should be constructed away from the main living areas.

5. You should not forget the additional cost

You should be well prepared for the additional costs because while constructing a house there might be several chances of bearing the additional cost. Several problems can occur such as damage through termites, dry rot and the poor soil can give you more headaches. Enquire about the shipping costs from your contractors before constructing a new home.

6. Select the plots carefully

Most of the people prefer to buy the T, and L shaped plots, and usually, they forget about the impact which it will put on your roofs as well as walls of your house. Choosing the plot plays a very vital role before constructing a new house.

7. Not building the hallways properly

Make sure to build the broad hallways for your house. This will help to create a wide passage for the residents. Avoid building too many passages as it will simply lead to the wastage of your space and you can’t be able to enjoy your privacy.

8. Making the best space for your garage

The garage should be built in the main level, near the kitchen or some mudroom. It will avoid the dirt and dust to enter inside your home. It will simply restrict the flow of dust when normally the people come and go inside the house with dirty shoes and backpacks.

9. Utilize the unused rooms

Adding a game room or a multipurpose room is the main plan for some people but utilizing these rooms for a different purpose can waste your space. Most of the times, the unused rooms tend to become the dumping room where all your clothes and other whereabouts are dumped.

10. Bad fixings of lights

You should add the proper amount of windows at your home which will help you to take the natural sunlight anytime. Adding skylights to your home is the best way to enjoy the natural light. Plentiful windows need to be installed at your home.

If you want to construct a beautiful house in the future, then go through the above construction mistakes that need to be avoided while constructing a new house and enjoy the benefits of home for a long period.

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Great Ways of Saving Money While Building Your Dream Home

Building a new home comes with mammoth expenses. However, if you plan wisely, you can cut down the extra costs without compromising on quality.

Dream Home Construction

So, are you planning to build your dream home pretty soon? If that is so, we are here to help you. Over here we have jotted down a couple of pointers that will help you save money:

Dream home construction on budget

1. Set your Expectations

Before building your home, decide what you want. Do you want marble or granite floors? How many rooms do you want? What should be the layout? Setting your expectations help you to see what exactly you need.

2. Plenty of Research

First decide how you want your home to look like. Check Pinterest of home decor related profile and pages and home design magazines to get inspiration. You’ll find loads of budget homes that offer an unique blend of quality and aesthetic appeal.

3. Get a Good Architect

A good architect will help you configure the layout. It’s better to consult experts rather than putting your own concepts and regretting later.

4. Get the Right builder

Before you hire a builder, check the references. Going through some of their work will help you decide who’s the right builder for you. Keep the communication lines open and let them know your expectations before they start constructing.

5. Cost of Living in your Location

Check the cost of living in the area where you are constructing your home. Check whether the local grocery stores offer good deals or not. Also check the cost of commuting via public transport.

6. Shop Online

Shop online for home appliances. Buy from merchants offering free shipping.

7. Look for Discounts

You can visit your local stores and compare the prices of the fixtures you need for your home. You can always find the same thing at much lower prices.

8. Consult your Friends

Your friends might have some connections in the construction business. Using such connections can always help you cut down your budget.

9. Move Affordably

Find free packing boxes. Your local grocery store or friends might have it. Ask them to help you move. If you still need movers, find the one offering the best rates.

10. Don’t compromise on quality when purchasing home construction materials

TMT bars are one of the important materials used in residential construction as they’re used for concrete reinforcement. They’re earthquake resistant, have superior tensile strength and are corrosion resistant.

Hope you found these tips useful. We’ll keep posting such informative tips about home construction. So, stay tuned.